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Vibration-based condition monitoring is a process of assessment of machine’s technical status through analysis of vibration signals. It allows to detect failures in rotating and reciprocating machinery, identify damaged elements such as: bearings, gears, and shafts. It also allows to evaluate machine’s remaining failure-free time of operation.

AMC VIBRO is the designer, producer and distributor of vibration-based condition monitoring systems and the largest machinery maintenance competence center in the region. In the area of vibrodiagnostics we represent among others: IFM, Meggitt, Monitran, North Protection.

Our offer contains a full range of solutions for condition monitoring of machinery with various levels sophistication, from simple monitoring modules, up to complex diagnostic systems. We deliver sensors and systems, which are stationary, portable, as well as wireless; systems operating online, as well as systems operating offline, and which perform wide range of analyses.

We are an exclusive distributor of Monitran sensors in Poland, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Baltic states. The Monitran’s offer includes general purpose and universal acceleration sensors, special velocity sensors, eddy current sensors and LVDT linear displacement sensors. They can be used in a diverse range of applications including industrial processing, power stations, water treatment, wind turbines, mining and the oil and gas industry. As an OEM Monitran can also provide a full custom design and development service.

In addition to above we offer:

  • self designed wired and wireless acceleration sensors;
  • general purpose IFM accelerometers (VN, VK series);

AV SENSOR 2000R and 4000R are wireless vibration and process parameters sensors for industry applications to monitor a machinery condition such as: fans, gearboxes, pumps, compressors. The wireless technology used avoids the hassle of wire routing on the machine, the costs of laying cable routes and unforeseen repairs. The biggest advantage of the system is the lack of wires, simple and quick assembly/disassembly, compatibility with other systems and system scalability.

AMC VIBRO wireless diagnostic system provides the user with early detection of a malfunction, thereby avoiding unpredictable stops and losses. The system is equipped with an OPC server and Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP / IP communication protocols. Open communication protocols and the OPC server allow AVS wireless diagnostic system to integrate with third party devices (incl SCADA systems).

AMC VIBRO condition monitoring systems provide the highest level of machine monitoring and desired technical state retaining. They are developed since 1995 and are able to precisely detect rotationary, and reciprocating machines damages. While failure is detected, system gives the possibility to stop machine automatically. Thanks to special cable paths instalation, and wireless sensors, it can be used in industrial factories of dispersed infrastructure.

The AMC VIBRO offer includes:

  • AVM 1000 series of single-channel monitoring, security and pre-diagnostic devices;
  • AVM 2000 series of two-channel devices for the protection and diagnosis of machines with fixed and variable speed;
  • AVM 4000 multichannel modular device for advanced diagnostics of rotary machines;
  • IFM efector octavis – four-channel vibration VSE monitors manufactured by IFM for monitoring and diagnostics of machines;

AMC VIBRO’s company portfolio has been enriched with monitoring and protection system products from Meggitt’s Vibro-Meter® range for gas turbines and steam turbines.

Meggitt, which has been at the forefront of sensing and monitoring for more than 60 years, specialises in smart engineering for extreme environments. Meggitt’s solutions help keep machinery and equipment working safely, reliably and efficiently.

AMC VIBRO portable systems consists of newest, and technologically advanced systems which can monitor machine state at any location – also in a critical, or hardly reachable places. They can be either an independent sollution for vibrodiagnostics, or be integrated with stationary systems. AMC VIBRO solutions allow to detect slowly amplifying damages, and effectively warn of failures, what allows to make essential service work before more serious damages occur. They can also be used to balance rotationary machines, so that the risk of failures can mi minimised.

The AMC VIBRO offer includes:

  • AVM 1000/P – single-channel simple vibration monitoring system;
  • AVM 1000DC/P– single-channel vibration monitoring device with touch interface and balancing option;
  • AVM 4000DC/P – measuring case equipped with AVM4000 module for advanced diagnostics of machine condition;

AMC VIBRO offers wide range of accessories that allow to extend vibrodiagnostic systems of additional functionalities:

  • sensor testers and calibrators from North Protection;
  • autonomical data acquisition systems, 1-2 channel, or multichannel systems;
  • industrial signal conditioning systems, including multichannel systems;
  • test benches allowing to simulate failures of different machine elements;
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